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The Indian automobile industry plays a vital role in the country’s economy, contributing nearly 6.4% of India’s GDP and 35% of its manufacturing GDP, while also being a significant provider of employment.

How can we assist you?

  1. Regulatory compliance: We provide guidance on adhering to laws and regulations governing automobile manufacturing, safety standards, emissions control, and product recalls.
  2. Intellectual property protection: Our expertise includes protecting intellectual property rights related to automobile designs, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.
  3. Contractual agreements: We are skilled in drafting and negotiating contracts for dealership agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing contracts, and technology licensing agreements.
  4. Consumer protection and product liability: Our team can offer guidance on consumer protection laws, product liability issues, and handling claims related to defective automobiles or components.
  5. Environmental regulations: We advise on compliance with environmental regulations, emission standards, and sustainability initiatives, including electric vehicle (EV) policies and green manufacturing practices.
  6. Automotive finance and leasing: We can help structure financing agreements, lease contracts, hire purchase agreements, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements related to automotive finance.
  7. Compliance with safety standards: Our experts offer guidance on meeting safety regulations, crash testing requirements, and managing recalls of vehicles or components.
  8. Distribution and dealership network: We assist in setting up distribution networks, dealership agreements, and handle legal issues related to franchise arrangements and termination of dealership contracts.
  9. Employment and labor laws: We provide advice on compliance with employment laws, collective bargaining agreements, and occupational health and safety regulations in the automotive industry.
  10. Dispute resolution: Our team is well-equipped to represent clients in resolving disputes related to contractual agreements, intellectual property infringement, product liability claims, and regulatory enforcement actions.

At Vidhikrit Legal, we possess extensive expertise in dealing with all aspects of the automobile industry, and we are fully prepared to offer end-to-end assistance to all stakeholders in this sector.

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