VidhiKrit Legal is your trusted partner in navigating India’s complex legal landscape in the pharmaceutical sector. With a wealth of experience, we offer expert counsel to both domestic and international clients, addressing a wide range of legal matters.


Our firm has a successful track record in safeguarding the intellectual property rights of numerous pharmaceutical companies. We specialize in advising on the acquisition of businesses and products, facilitating the establishment of manufacturing facilities in India, and negotiating commercial tie-ups and arrangements. Moreover, we excel in conducting research and development activities, including clinical trials, independently or in collaboration with Indian partners.

At VidhiKrit Legal, we are well-versed in healthcare and life sciences regulations, including licensing, import, registration, stocking, distribution, and sale. We keep abreast of price control policies, labelling, packaging requirements, ethical standards, and regulations related to medical devices, new drugs, and clinical trials.

We help our clients with

Product liability issues

Medical negligence claims

Environmental pollution and risk mitigation

Genetically engineered products and health, safety, and environmental concerns

Intellectual property disputes, including patents and trademarks 

Advising on medical standards and regulations


Furthermore, we stand by healthcare and pharma companies, professionals, and executives during civil and criminal proceedings. Our services include defense in cases covering under Drug (Price Control) Order 2012, Medical Device Rules 2017,  Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, which includes but not limited to medical negligence, human trials, non-compliance allegations with regulations, and ceiling price fixation under the drugs prices.

Beyond our corporate clients, we actively support special interest groups in the pharmaceuticals, health care, and life sciences sector. By bringing critical issues to the attention of regulators, we have contributed to positive changes in legislations, rules, and regulations, shaping a brighter future for the industry.

At VidhiKrit Legal, we are committed to providing innovative legal solutions, ensuring our clients’ interests are safeguarded and their business ventures flourish. 

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