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At Vidhikrit Legal, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services tailored to the unique needs of early-stage companies. Whether you’re a small founding team working out of a garage or a mid-size family-held business, we are here to support you at every stage of your formation.

Our expert team offers valuable advice on crucial matters such as choice of entity, capital structuring, and stock option planning. We assist in drafting and adopting bylaws, ensuring corporate compliance, and developing policies to protect your intellectual property. Additionally, we provide guidance on employment agreements, board advisory contracts, consulting arrangements, and confidentiality agreements. We understand the importance of transferring intellectual property from founders, universities, and other third parties to your startup, and we offer comprehensive counseling in this area.

When it comes to structuring founder stock, we work closely with founding teams to strike a balance that protects the entity’s interest while minimizing conflicts with outside investors. We recognize the significance of seed and angel financing rounds for early-stage companies. With our extensive experience, we can help structure these rounds in a manner that satisfies both the company and potential investors, ensuring a smooth and financially sound process. Leveraging our strong relationships with the angel investment community, we actively support your capital-raising efforts by making introductions and providing guidance throughout the seed and angel financing process.

For ventures aiming for larger-scale financing, our legal professionals boast a collective track record of representing over 400 companies in venture financings and outside rounds. We understand the challenges and time constraints associated with raising outside venture capital. Drawing on our experience representing venture investors, we assist our clients in structuring and negotiating term sheets, streamlining the process and enabling them to focus on what truly matters. In the early stages, we pay special attention to legal structuring and processes that will facilitate a seamless venture financing process, ensuring a timely and cost-effective close.

As part of our commitment to early-stage startups, we offer a range of additional services. We review business plans, provide strategic advice to identify strengths and weaknesses, and assist in identifying appropriate financing sources. We also offer introductions to potential investors aligned with your business model and strategic direction. Additionally, we attend board meetings, provide guidance on forming and maintaining an effective board of directors, and offer ongoing strategic support during your initial phase.

At Vidhikrit Legal, we are dedicated to partnering with early-stage companies and providing them with the legal expertise and guidance necessary for their success.


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