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Labour & Employment

At Vidhikrit Legal, our esteemed team is renowned for their unwavering commitment to detail and extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in managing human resources within India’s diverse industries. We recognize that labour and employment law in India can be both intricate and dynamic, which is why our experienced professionals consistently collaborate with clients across various sectors such as IT/ITES, Banking and Finance, FinTech, Hospitality, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and more. This collaboration allows us to effectively address our clients’ legal matters, whether they are simple or complex, pertaining to employment law.

Our comprehensive range of services pertaining to labour and employment law includes meticulous drafting and thorough review of employment contracts, as well as representation in disputes relating to wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment. As India’s leading labour and employment law firm, we have garnered continuous recognition from both domestic and international clients, acknowledging our expertise in navigating the complex labyrinth of regulatory compliance and legal requirements concerning human resources, employment laws in India, and labour disputes.

Our proficient team of labour dispute lawyers in India possesses an astute understanding of the nuances within Indian labour law and remains committed to staying abreast of any changes or advancements in the field. We take immense pride in providing personalized attention to each client, taking the necessary time to comprehensively grasp their distinct needs and objectives.

We help our clients with

Wage and salary disputes

Maternity and paternity benefits

Unfair dismissal or termination 

Industrial disputes

Discrimination and harassment

Trade union rights 

Employment contracts

Retrenchment and layoffs

Working hours and conditions

Social security and provident fund issues


  • Labour Courts
  • Industrial Tribunals/Administrative Tribunals
  • EPFOs (The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization)
  • ESICs (The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation)
  • Conciliation Centres
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