Vidhikrit Legal


We at Vidhikrit Legal pride ourselves on our expertise and successful track record of providing specialised legal advice to our clients and representing them in domestic and international Arbitration proceedings. 

Vidhikrit Legal specializes in providing comprehensive legal support in various key areas of alternative dispute resolution mechanism such as: 

Meticulous Drafting: We excel in drafting arbitration clauses for contracts, ensuring they are robust and enforceable, while also incorporating appropriate jurisdictional clauses.  

Expert Guidance: Our team provides valuable advice on the selection of arbitrators, ensuring that clients have the most suitable individuals overseeing their proceedings. 

Dedicated Representation: We offer diligent assistance and representation throughout the arbitration process, advocating for our clients’ best interests and striving for favorable outcomes. 

Award Enforcement: We endeavour to safeguard our client’s rights by helping with enforcement of arbitral awards, including enforcement of foreign awards, thereby solidifying the efficacy of the arbitration process . 

In addition to our proficiency in arbitration and conciliation, we recognize the importance of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism and offer assistance.  

With our knowledge of domestic arbitration laws across multiple countries, including preferred global arbitration hubs such as Singapore and London, our team is well-equipped to handle international cases. We have gained significant exposure by working with clients of varying scales and diverse industries including fin-tech, ed-tech, e-commerce, real estate, banking, and logistics.

We help our clients with:

Arbitration Petition

Appeal against Arbitral Award

Application for appointment of Arbitrator

Notice invoking Arbitration

Application for Interim Relief before or during Arbitral proceedings

International Mediation Proceedings

Domestic Mediation Proceedings

Conciliation Proceedings

Forums of Practice

International Arbitral Tribunals

Domestic Arbitral Tribunals High Courts

High Courts

District Courts

Mediation Centres

Conciliation Centres

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