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Heavy Engineering

At VidhiKrit Legal, we understand the paramount importance of the heavy engineering industry in driving a nation’s economic growth. As India experiences an impressive surge in infrastructure development, the construction and heavy equipment (C&HE) sector is brimming with opportunities. Our mission is to keep you ahead in this dynamic landscape.

How can we assist you?

  1. Contractual Agreements: We excel in drafting and negotiating engineering contracts, procurement agreements, turnkey contracts, technology licensing agreements, and joint venture agreements.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Our expertise lies in advising on compliance with the laws and regulations governing heavy engineering projects, including environmental laws, labor regulations, safety standards, and industrial licensing requirements.
  3. Intellectual Property Protection: We are committed to safeguarding your intellectual property rights concerning engineering designs, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets through registrations and enforcement measures.
  4. Government Projects and Tenders: We offer valuable guidance on participating in government projects and tenders, addressing bid-related legalities, and handling issues related to project approvals and clearances.
  5. Project Finance and Structuring: Our team is proficient in structuring project finance arrangements, consortium agreements, and addressing regulatory requirements for heavy engineering projects.
  6. Infrastructure and Construction Contracts: We provide expert advice on legal aspects related to infrastructure projects, construction contracts, sub-contracts, and consortium agreements.
  7. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration: Our experienced attorneys represent clients in resolving engineering-related disputes, including contractual disputes, project delays, payment issues, and arbitration proceedings.
  8. Technology and Know-How Transfer: We facilitate technology transfers, licensing arrangements, joint ventures, and collaborations to promote knowledge sharing and technological advancements in the heavy engineering sector.
  9. Import-Export and Customs Compliance: Our counsel covers import-export regulations, customs compliance, duty implications, and foreign trade policies affecting the heavy engineering industry.
  1. Health and Safety Regulations: We offer comprehensive guidance on compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, risk management, and liability issues related to heavy engineering projects.

At VidhiKrit Legal, we are dedicated to providing you with tailored legal solutions to meet your specific needs and goals in the ever-evolving heavy engineering domain.

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